Season 3; Episode 2 “47 Problems But This Land Ain’t One”

Saturday July 24, 2021

It’s not Love & Marriage: Huntsville unless we get right back into the discord between Kimmi and Tisha. Somebody please catch us up. How are we even here? There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, especially if Tisha seems to think that her expectations are the only ones on the table. A lot of these conversations come off extremely one sided… I didn’t say what side, but one sided indeed. What’s your take?

Do you think its beginning to get difficult for the husbands to even continue to have these discussions with Kimmi and Tisha before it starts to affect their relationship too?

The air looked thick watching Tisha and Marsau address the rumors of him having an outside baby. It was pretty quick and to the point that she’s not having it!!!

Here’s a real quick bite on that conversation about the 47 acres… Martell seems to have taken exception that Chris has made an effort to reach out to builders for the project. Martell feels like Chris should have come to him first because he originally brought the land to him. Does anyone hear a ring of similarity here anywhere? Just checking if you’re paying attention.

Often a mediator of sorts (therapist) is a really good means of trying to get back on track with co-parenting, especially when there are still fresh wounds. Love & Marriage: Huntsville gets to blaze a path in the reality world, while we watch Mel and Martell make a new life for themselves after divorce. As with the vast majority of divorces, we’ll get to see the highs and lows of life after divorce with the hopes that they both end up in a good place, with the ability to co-parent successfully.

Meanwhile, back at the Scott2.0 crib, Maurice, Monster and Kiuwha have a moment to catch up about where Monster has elected to go to Highschool. And Kiuwha reaches out to Maurice and Kimmi to take a stab at another sit-down because the first one didn’t go so well…

I don’t know about y’all but I’m more interested in the previews for next week than I was the actual show… LordT!