Love & Marriage: Huntsville returns Saturday, January 30th on OWNTV at 9/8c

Finally, we have a date for the return of Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Now is the time to binge watch all of Season 1A, 1B and 2A to make sure you haven’t missed anything. This premiere will be the continuation of  2A with a Reunion to follow. A lot of your questions and concerns will be addressed regarding the state of affairs for Kimmi and Mel as well as where things stand for the Holts. But you need to catch up first, so you won’t be left behind in the convo. So, be sure to set your DVR for the Season Premiere of Love & Marriage: Huntsville on Saturday, January 30th on OWNTV at 9/8c; then go to the OWN app to see all the previous episodes.