Season 2B; Episode 217 “Iama: Fix My Life”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, March 13, 2021

Molly and Mel catch up and Molly is not playing about babysitting. She said “No Ma’am” but left Mel feeling some kind of way. That can’t be an easy conversation.
What exactly came out of the family meeting? What part are we missing that Jaylin literally just finished school 2 months ago and the couple of internships he did, he didn’t like. He’s trying to find his career love. And with both parents leaning into him for one thing or another, it’s got to be exhausting. Is there an acceptable time frame for young adults to know their passion?
Nothing like a little hanky panky to keep the spark alive. LaTisha surprises Marsau with a bit of romance. That igloo was so freaking cool. Date night is an absolute must. We need the deets on the igloo?
We were worried about the Girl’s Trip and it delivered. Looks like things got off to a great start. But somewhere along the line Iama got more than what she bargained for. Did y’all see her face? You have to come ready for #LAMH. She tried… bless her heart.