Season 2B; Episode 213 A Not-So Wanda-ful Surprise

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, Feb 13, 2021


Things get real when you start talking money in a divorce. Do you think Martell deserves half of the earnings from endeavors he and Melody developed while married?

And can we talk about etiquette? There is surely a point where it comes into play. How does the Invitee become the Inviter? Lets get to the nuts and bolts of it. Should Wanda have shown up unannounced to Jaylin’s graduation party?  And should Tisha have invited her without telling Kimmi? Not to mention that it turned into a fiasco and somehow now Kimmi is in the wrong for being upset. Make it make sense. The upside is this is an uber sproud moment for Kimmi that Maurice and Jaylin completed this next level of education 🙂

We can’t really tell is Destiny making mends with LaTisha & Kimmi or not really. A joint Podcast aint bad… and it goes left (shaking my head)… Did Tisha just say Destiny can’t be the inviter to “her” podcast but she just… ???

Y’all have to weigh in on Tisha  or Kimmi? Was Kimmi wrong for feeling some kind of way about how Wanda showed up unannounced and then cut up at Jaylin’s party? Or is Tisha right in overlooking it “because its Wanda”?