The old cliche that “Food is Fuel” is true. Food is powerful in fueling the body and the soul. Really good food is intoxicating; and it’s as close as your own kitchen. How many times do you recall a moment in life based on the food that you were eating at the time. Many wonderful moments in time are with good food and good friends.

I am not a chef.  I love to cook and I love to eat (not necessarily in that order). This mini cookbook has 15 recipes that seem to go over very well and are super simple to make with lots of flavor. It’s not fancy, because I’m not fancy. I cook as a quite place to get my mind, body and soul on one accord and to provide a bonding moment for those who enjoy it.

That’s my hope, that these few recipes create a moment for you, whether it’s in the process of preparation or the activity of eating. I hope they inspire you to “shoot your shot” in the kitchen.

Thank you for letting me into your homes and your hearts (#LAMH). Now, let’s make some memories.