Season 3; Episode 4 “Kimpossible Endeavor”

Saturday August 8, 2021

Can I offer more Tea with this brunch? Tiffany doubles down telling Destiny she saw her ex with another woman. With her divorce still being fresh, Destiny finds it tough to engage in this convo during her birthday brunch. Not sure we like the first impressions but didn’t come this far not to eat ?

All bets are in and no-one believes Kimmi waited until she got home to dish the Tea to Maurice and confront him about the info Tiffany left at the table regarding Monster vaping. And finds out that he already knew… This leaves all of us with mixed feelings. Looks like he (and Kiuwha) already handled it. Which is cool. But do you think anybody should have mentioned it to Kimmi? Not that she has to participate in the punishment but maybe so surprises like today don’t happen.

Jaylin & Kimmi check out the new condo! The flip has just begun and seeing the budget and time goals are top priority to Kimmi, while Jaylin feels like he needs to vent a little about his new job at Blaque. Our take sees Jaylin as desperately trying to learn the system. Knowing that roadblocks exist. He tends to handle them ok, but the rub comes in when Tisha & Marsau complain and don’t own any responsibility in the proper management of the company. Six months is only the start of being comfortable in a management position for which he’s had no historical experience and now no training. He hasn’t quit, so there’s still hope. The Cougar Tamer convo is off limits in this forum. LOL!! Just kidding. But it is certainly TMI???

A Love & Marriage Huntsville and Ready To Love crossover takes over Houston. Marsau and Tisha promote their new champagne (Chocolate in a Bottle) in Houston. The turn out looks great!! Nephew Tommy in the house? Make sure you get your pre-orders in now.

This episode gets two thumbs up from The Kim Zone. See you next week.