Season 2, Episode 8 Mama Gonna Cuss You Out

More WANDA!!!

But we also have “Girlfriends Check-in” to talk about. So let’s do that!!! It was refreshing to see the ladies of Love & Marriage: Huntsville have a few moments together to look for the sisterhood in it all. Clearly, they’re not beefing all the time. Melody acknowledges that she and the ladies have had their share of falling outs in their past. She’s happy that she and the girlfriends are laughing together and enjoying each other’s company today.

Destiny is a new mom and admits she’s over-protective with her new son – even with her husband La’Berrick! And everyone has advice about kids… What’s your best advice to a new mom? Girlfriends talk about sex, right?! So, who disagrees that vacation sex is better than regular sex? Plead your case – lol!!!

We get a magnetic lash tutorial and am waiting with baited breath to get those lashes in the mail – lol! Last: Bet you didn’t know… did y’all figure them all out. I DID!!!