Season 2B; Episode 214 “Sanctioned”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, Feb 20, 2021

Jaylin’s lunch further gets derailed and tempers flare. Some don’t agree with the concept of only going where you are invited.  And some simply disregard the old-school teaching. But the “rule” and the saying exists for a reason. Uninvited guest are typically uninvited for a reason.

Unfortunately this seems to add to the already building tension between LaTisha and Kimmi. Marsau reaches out to check up on Kimmi and they discuss the catastrophe and how Wanda could be better managed. Kimmi decided that being selective regarding which events Wanda would be able to attend would be solely up her. Was that unreasonable?

Well LaTisha wasn’t very happy about it,  and feels like Kimmi has furthered demonstrated that she is not a friend. Marsau attempts to help LaTisha see her part she played in the fiasco. However, she declined to accept that and addressed her concerns with Kimmi at the podcast. Both seem committed to their positions. How does this get resolved amongst friends?