And so it continues…

But before we get into that. I have to ask, how is Cedarric always trying to link folk up any different than Kimmi (Me). Why does Kimmi seem to get waaaaay more grief when it comes to being in the middle than Cedarric? I’m not sure if the gym (with all those free weights around) is the best place for them to be talking. Both are well known in the community as professionals. Do you believe either of them would come clean on a threat?

It’s my BIRTHDAY (But kinda not since this was filmed in February). I love the path our family is taking. A blended family meeting is just what the doctor ordered. Baby steps 🙂

TV guide has this episode as “An unexpected guest appears during Tisha’s speech”. Do you really believe it was unexpected? Every ounce of my being knew Marsau would be there. Now if he didn’t show, that would have been unexpected. AGAIN, not talking about Wanda – LOL!!!