Saturday October 2, 2021

Is it just us, or does it seem like #LAMH has been in Vegas FOREVER?!?!?  This morning we get a look at everyone recapping the nights events and their take on “who’s on first”. Again, is it just us, or does this group as a collective often fail to see the part they play in any, and all the drama? EVERYBODY quick to give advice about how the other should act, but will slow walk any advice pointed their direction. How do you learn, How do you grow? But I digress.

Tisha feels out Marsau to see if he’ll be receptive to do something fun for their anniversary, but nothing about his posture looks fun. She moves forward anyway with her surprise trip to the alter. A few trains of thought here… One after he seemed pretty clear that he didn’t want to do a “group thing”, maybe she should have cancelled. Two, She should know her husband better than anyone, any know that its starting to look like he doesn’t like surprises. Three, he should have just played nice and gone along with it because it meant something to LaTisha. What do you think?

Does anybody understand why the group keeps teasing Mel and Martell (even though they are divorced) about “Team Holt”! Well, if you watched the reunion from Season one, that’s what they said. It appeared when they were a united front, they coined the phrase “What they need to know, is that we will always be TEAM HOLT”. And in all fairness, even through the shenanigans, the collective actually believed they would make it through and continue to be Team Holt. So, maybe they were wrong on this one.

Gordon Ramsey Restaurant looks great but more Mel and Martell back and forth until they got to some real convo… Happiness and Depression. Should happiness be considered a byproduct? If you’re not working toward happiness, what are you working toward?

Oh wee, talking about depression is major. So many precious souls have been lost because the signs were missed. Were you surprised to hear Marsau say he has been depressed? Looks like the group was. But as surprising as it might have been, to discuss it with people who care about you can be healthy… and life saving to say the very least. Kudos Marsau!