Saturday October 9, 2021

After the dust settles, we have the #LAMH 3M’s… We like to see them link up like they use to.  They touch on depression just a bit more, while trying to figure out if everybody is just working hard and obstacles just come with the package or if maybe Maurice and Martell feel depressed too. What exactly were the symptoms Marsau said he had? Now everybody is depressed? Quick recaps of the week for everyone and its back to Huntsville.

Back in the ‘Ville, Melody links up with Tiffany to apologize for Destiny’s behavior. Do you feel like Melody is again defending Tiffany? Was Destiny justified in her reaction to Tiffany’s comments in Vegas? This story is sure to have a few more twist and turns.

Martell takes Tank to Louis’s to tryout with him for baseball and to see if Louis will take him on as a client. While there, Martell tells Louis that he’s considering asking Melody for full custody of the children. WHOA!?! Louis suggest to thread lightly because that might not go so well……. And it didn’t! Melody said “File a Petition!!!”

Scott1.0 and Scott2.0 go out to dinner to do a little catching up. Of course the subject of depression and mental health comes up. Marsau gets on the crew for trying to dig deeper, but Kimmi suggest that inferring that one is depressed will never go uninvestigated. After a full discussion, Maurice asked Marsau to please go to see a therapist with him and Marsau flat out refused.

Home Sweet Home✈