Saturday October 23, 2021

A lot happened in this episode but seems like the only thing still shakin is the Anniversary ball game?! Congratulations Louis and Tiffany and your one year anniversary. Sorry you had to lose to the Scotts on your home filed on your big day. LOL!!!

Here they are, yet again, at another group event gone left!!! More Mels and Tels… More Kimmi and T… ugh!!!

So let’s talk about it. The group text that is. Make it make sense. So, Kimmi and T are at odds and T shoots out a cast group text that Kimmi has NEVER been in and request financial donations from the ladies for the Destiny Race. Kimmi, seemed to take exception to the group text and elects not to reply (support yes… reply no). We don’t have a lot of back story, so not real sure how to say who is right or wrong. Given their history, both sides seem plausible. However, professionally speaking, financial request might be better received with a personal touch. Thoughts?