Saturday August 14, 2021


Before we even start, y’all know this episode is going to be called “Taco Tuesday” because I TACO TUESDAY!!!  But before we get to the good part, let’s catch up. Last week everyone saw Maurice have to leave the planned co-parenting group chat for a business meeting. I bet y’all thought that was a teaser and that he was going to return… NOPE!!! Just Kimmi to meet with Kiuwha and her husband to discuss co-parenting Monster. But we think she handled it like a champ. It’s going to take baby steps for this foursome, but looks like things are headed in the right direction.

QUESTION: Is it any less wrong for Destiny to download Tisha on Tiffany being messy (with regards to the Monster Tea), than it was for Tiffany to bring it up. Just curious, because the conversation has now made its way through the streets. Who stops it from continuing the cycle? And is Mel to blame for Tiffany’s choice to deliver Hot Tea to her new crew?

More surprises on the way. I guess Tisha took Mels advice (and a sprinkle of Tiffany – with the surprises) after all and surprises Marsau with couples counseling.???

TACO TUESDAY and we’re here for the margarita’s!!! The food looks and and the backdrop makes for the perfect ladies night out. However, looks like there is still a little unfinished business amongst the ladies. And  by ladies we mean Destiny. You know this group, now is as good a time as an to get it off your chest, and Destiny does just that. Does Tiffany get a pass in the name of transparency?

What say ye?