Saturday August 21, 2021

Taco Tuesday still owes us some closure. Destiny and Mel still have some unfinished business that Destiny prefers to deal with in private. And Melody’s card game spurs some healthy conversations about oral sex, 3somes and side chick’s. Will the side chick conversation ever die? Seems like it’s been addressed several times.  And there can’t be any way Tisha thinks Kimmi wants to touch Marsau – Chile?

The update on Scott Manor was quick.  No updates… This might take a while. Tisha felt a portion of benefit from their suprise counseling session and would like to continue. Marsau says nerp!! So many in our community don’t always see the value in therapy. Hopefully they can break the cycle on that.

Congratulations Bruzins! The short time spent to congratulate the young men on their graduation from middle school was a welcome change for #LAMH. Looked liked they wanted to scoot past all the words of wisdom and get in that party bus (thank you Party Life bus) ???

Maurice didn’t waste anytime to have this conversation with Tea-fany and Louis about discussing Monster vaping. He came across as very direct and firm. An apology was indeed offered but it was accompanied by a lot of continued rationale. This conversation is extremely short in our book. Don’t talk about kids. PeriodT‼️ OK. I’m sorry. (⬅️ that part)

You asked for her,  you got her… Ms. Wanda has entered the building. And returned with all her glory. It’s always a little confusing on her position with Mel and Martel but this week, looks like she’s #teamholt. But aren’t we all? No one wants to see a marriage fail.

Ok, #LAMH, was that a mistake or do we really have to wait until September 4th for the next episode? Surely that was in error. Pray church??