Saturday September 4, 2021

We’re late because last night was exhausting. Love & Marriage: Huntsville is never short on foolishness. So we pick up where we left off at the Bruzins Graduation celebration and WANDA – Jesus take the wheel?

After getting into it with Mel and Destiny, Wanda turns her focus to Kimmi. Here’s where it gets a little dicey and patience is in short supply. Looks like #LAMH has found Kimmi’s button and she was not having the insults today. Many opinions have been offered as to how the situation could have been best handled but walking away didn’t seem to be an option when insults go unsubstantiated. Has anyone other than us noticed that on this show, there’s always a lot of “you know what you did” and never a lot of receipts. So again, we hear crickets.

Destiny and Mel link up again to touch base and rehash Destiny’s concern that Mel isn’t really understanding her point of view when it comes to Mel constantly defending Tiffany.  Even when Mel & Tiffany were in the bathroom discussing Tiffany talking about Monster, Mel attempts to reduce the accountability of Tiffany by inserting that the bigger issue was Kimmi not knowing. Naw babe, this is pretty short & sweet. Kids are of limits on reality. PeriodT! Yall think Mel don’t really get that?

Well someone don’t really get that part. Tiffany and Louis. They seem to have a lot of “but for” at the house after the convo was over. We’re hoping it was airtime and not oblivious.  Because this will be a tough season for them if that message didn’t sink it.????

Wanda, Wanda, Wanda none of that is how it happened. But wouldn’t be Wanda, if it came out correct. It literally feels like you just lived through a tornado by the time she leaves. And then everyone is left trying to pick up the pieces and prove themselves. What did we tell you? Exhausting!!

This might be the first time, we actually feel like we need those next 7 days before we can take anymore… #huntsvegas coming up✈