Saturday September 11, 2021

Before we begin, we want to take a moment to remember the September 11 attacks. It’s been 20 years and we like many across the county want to take a moment to honor the victims of that terrible day.

***Back to the show***

“Tell Tale Signs” is doing big things and y’all get to see a behind the scene scoop. A lot of work goes into making a music video. Two snaps for Melody Holt and her hit single?

So back at Blaque, Jaylin gets a talkin to for not completing all his task while trying to cover the entire bar after several employees quit and no one offers to pitch in… That’s all we’re saying about that. We’d much rather hear your opinions. We’ll wait!!

Tisha’s ready to celebrate 15yrs (and rightfully so) and wants the crew to go with. Who’s not going to go to Vegas Baby!? Looks like the gang is game. We even saw Maurice invite Louis and Tiffany to join them. If you were expecting Louis to come clean on all that shade now that Maurice was right in front of him, think again. He graciously accepts the invite.


Las Vegas brings out all kinds of kitchen talk (or maybe it was the Tequila)  I mean three-somes, cheating, side chicks… and this is just day one. Man, it’s just hour one. If that don’t make you nervous nothing will??

Whelp, and they’re off. Not in the hot tub 10 minutes and the water is boiling. Kimmi taking down these rascals one by one.  It’s almost like an old Kung Fu movie,  when each fighter steps up one after the other and gets handled. First, Tiffany for bringing up “side chick”. Then Martell for co-signing. Then Marsau for cracking jokes. And out of nowhere LaTisha for talking greesy to Jaylin. Oh yeah, because he was disrespectful for saying “yes ma’am” Again, we got nothing.  So talk amongst yourselves.

This is only the beginning. Carlos King said this trip will take four episodes. WOW!! Buckle up! #huntsvegas