Saturday September 18, 2021

So we gonna just jump right back in like that… Okaaaay. Woah! Looks like Maurice finally had enough. Let’s pray that if nothing else stays in Vegas that this LaTisha and Kimmi drama will. Anybody else hot tub vibe completely ruined by these two?? Anybody else feel like Kimmi saying “that’s fair” at that moment was an edit? Just seemed a bit out of place after all that rah rah??‍♀️

That sun is at high noon. Not sure we can call this breakfast. Maybe Brunch… Naw, this is lunch for sure – LOL! I know y’all heard that… When Tiffany said “Oh, I though you were talking about your baby momma”? Mel, a “baby momma”? Chile, when will the ill-timed comments ever stop? Didn’t derail breakfast. But certainly had the potential for another unpleasant exchange. So ain’t nobody left to help Kimmi clean up the kitchen?!

Did we get that whole story on Tiffany and Louis? Was she referring to her son’s “first” haircut, or just a haircut? He’s not a toddler, so we most definitely must have missed something!!!

Those car ride scenes took forever… what did we learn?  Let’s RIDE?

A   N   D   Here we go. How long does the peace last? That ride looked so fun. Not to mention how gorgeous it was going into the mountains. Oh well, back to reality. Those shady jabs are handed out so readily in this group and then when offense is taken, everybody act confused.  Who do you think started that one? Think they can regroup for the rest of the trip?

Based on the commercials… well, we’ll just wait✈