We were promised an explosive Season Finale. What do y’all think??? What do you think about Season 2, in general? Did you like Season 1 better or 2??? I mean all season has been non-stop drama from meeting Destiny & Le’Berrick; Kimmi & Wanda; Wanda and EVERYBODY! Martel & Marsau; Tisha & Mel; Now Mel & Kimmi – Whew chile!!! When does it end. TONIGHT! That’s when.

Where do we start? It’s The Kim Zone, so we start here of course! Maurice’s “study” journey is over. He is still waiting on his bar exam results but the daunting task of driving to Birmingham and studying until the wee hours of the morning are over. So, I throw Maurice a surprise “It’s Over” party. You know it wouldn’t be a true #LAMH party without a bit of shade. I know, its never the right time but the jabs were still coming quick at Maurice’s celebration. Do you think a relationship can ever mend if jabs are as free flowing as this group?

If y’all haven’t been, you also need to stop by The Haven. Great spot to chill and eat good. Tell Corrie (the Owner) Kimmi sent you.

Me⁉️ Melody’s concern about Martell being too friendly with someone is about me – ???.

And then there’s this… Marsau makes a comment to Tisha that gets her 38HOT. Can you actually tell someone that they come from the opposite side of the tracks and it not be taken poorly? I’m sure he now realizes that he has a lot of “splaining” to do.

Hope y’all enjoyed this season. Thank you for all the love & support of all the cast. See you next Season!!