Season 3; Episode 1 “Sisters-in-Brawl”

Saturday July 17, 2021

We can’t even begin talking about this premiere until we address that new intro tho!!! It was ???

Congratulations are in order for LaTisha’s Commencement Program from Auburn University. And in proper fashion Marsau throws a surprise party. Well kinda surprise and kinda he throws it. But he gets an “E” for effort.

A few things to note about the party… why in the world would he ask Kimmi to help?  And both Kimmi and Marsau were confronted by Tisha’s family. Do they really know the whole story? Or are they just #teamtisha for the fam? Last, and in true #LAMH form, Kimmi & Tisha clash at the graduation party on continued failed expectations.

Destiny finally reveals why LB has been MIA and much to Mel’s dismay she even hid it from her. Is it understandable that Destiny may process differently, even better, alone? So sorry to hear that their marriage didn’t work out.

Martell partnering with Destiny to get his men’s grooming products on shelves is a match made in heaven. She keeps him on his toes – a stiletto in his forehead? Good grief – lol!

With that, Season 3 is off and running. What do you think about episode 1?