Melody’s Special Delivery – Part 2

Melody’s bundle of joy is beautiful. And Melody looks absolutely glowing. But having a baby doesn’t grow any grass under her feet. She is off and running full steam ahead to launch her skin care line. Not everybody needs that 6 weeks in the bed. And she popped that figure back too! You go girl!!! Do you think she is doing too much too soon? What about Martel’s concern that she has too much on her plate to give all areas the needed attention? Are his concerns valid?

Melody’s brother looks like he doesn’t really believe that Martel is done with his extramarital affair. Do you? Does a tennis bracelet make it all better?

And the surprises just keep coming. You have to keep watching this season because, how you think a story-line will end, might surprise you. Take Tisha showing up to Mel’s event, I don’t ever think we’ve seen Kimmi at a loss for words…  My oh my! Jesus take the wheel!!!