Now, you have to watch the show. And I mean all of the show to be able to form a valid opinion on most of these takeaways. Be clear, Love & Marriage Huntsville serves its tea with double doses of perspective on real life marital tension, conflict resolution, friendship bonds in business, and the ties that bind married friends. With that said, my top 5 takeaways from season 1 are as follows:

  1. The main cast are NOT “casted” stars of the show. They actually have known each other for quite some time. 5 of the 6 cast members attended and graduated from Alabama A & M University in Huntsville, Alabama. and began closely hanging out with each other as adults around 2014.
  2. The Comeback Group, unfortunately,  has reinforced the notion that friends shouldn’t mix business with pleasure.
  3. Blended families are a common theme across the Nation. Respect is HUGE in making this work.
  4. “Roles” Do they really have a place in the 21st century or is it an obsolete measure of caveman mentality?
  5. There is a “respectful way to cheat”.