IT’S TIME!! Get your Watch Me Vote T-shirt and get out and vote. But this year, it’s more than getting out to vote. It’s knowing how meaningful your vote is going to be.  It’s helping get someone else to the polls. It’s realizing that your vote (or lack of) elects so many of your state officials that we take issue with.

Voting is not just your “right”, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY. Be one of the first to get your #watchmevote T-shirt and post your pic and tag us (#LAMH) for a shout out. @kimmi_kls; @miamireece

Visit and using the drop down menu in the “Re-style” section go to “Tee” and order your shirt. Unisex White Tee in Small, Medium, Large & Ex-Large are $20. Small upcharge for 2X and 3X.

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