SEASON 2, EPISODE 5 Kimmi in the Middle

(Where she at?) In the middle…

Y’all knew at some point we would have to have a “sit-down”. I think it went pretty well. I don’t know if I’ll ever convince these ladies that I have no desire to be in the middle of their issue. HOWEVER, when I see wrong on either side, I’m going to mention it. What do y’all think? How do I stay out of their issues. Walk away when they fight?

Speaking of fight, Melody certainly put on her big girl pants to go over to Blaque and talk to Marsau. With the temperature of their relationship at this moment, she might have done better to call first. Isn’t that what she desired before Tisha showed up to talk?

More Birthday Blessings. I truly do love my family, even Wanda. But something tells me that she’s going to keep poking the bear and it’s going to be a whole problem. I still find it hard that her conversation focuses on middle school type stuff. Like who’s speaking to whom, and who’s hanging out with whom? We have got to be able to find a common ground because I wont keep coming to events that’s constantly turn into bickering. Guess who’s having a sit down next, likely Tisha and me ??‍♀️