Season 2, Episode 7 Soft Open, Hard Shade

Where do I start? One day I thought that I would just let y’all talk to me about the episodes? Cuz sometimes I just got nothing???

But what I do know, is that Reece Scott won that bowling game‼️ Don’t play! Y’all know, I’m starting with the most important stuff – lol! #teamreece?

We’ve told y’all before that some things we see when yall see. So seeing Martel talking to MJ was a complete surprise. Do you think he should have addressed him directly?

Desitiny getting bids on her build out is common place but does it not seem weird that if she has sooo many reservations about “The Scott’s” why even consider a bid from them?

We’re not even going to talk about Maurice mashing together mine and Kiuwha names because I feel like I can somewhat relate to her position… The question on the table was simply if he had presented conversation with her about Monster spending zero time with her when/if she moved here. That sounds crazy to me.