When we gonna get to the good part?! Well, we’re here!!

Hey Love & Marriage; Huntsville fans, guess who’s back… EVERYBODY! And guess who they’re coming for? Looks like ME… lol!

Team Scott jumps back on the scene in full glory. Tisha finds out about Mel’s event and makes a “pop-up”. Good intentions or naw, do you think she should have come to a private event without giving Mel a shout first? Let me be the first to say, “I DID NOT TELL HER TO COME TO THE EVENT NOR ABOUT THE EVENT”. Now that that’s out of the way, What do you think? Boy, I’m really interested in your thoughts because it seems that the jury is still out on who was “more wrong” and to whom my allegiance should have been with. I thought Tisha shouldn’t have gone to the event and I thought Mel did too much by calling security. There’s that! And we won’t even start on Wanda… (smh)

On to Martel. Here’s the funny thing about that, In the very first episode of the season, Cedarric said the same exact sentence to him about “how things were going” as it relates to all the recent social media drama surrounding his entanglement, but he proceeds to call me messy. Turns out old stuff is new again in the world of Entanglement 🙂 I don’t do back and forth on foolishness. Him comparing my meeting Maurice with divorce papers in hand to his 5yr and counting affair isn’t worth the air it took for him to say it. Don’t take much for me to be done!!!

This week has a lot going on. Now you see why I said Everybody was Wild ‘n Out.