Saturday October 16, 2021

Now this is a step in the right direction. Destiny and Tiffany grab some drinks to have some girl-time and get to know one another a little better. Looks like we found out a little more about Tiffany, but does that really excuse here timing and judgement when it comes to conversations that she brings up? Nerp!!! But at least this puts them on the road to recovery.

Tisha decides if Marsau won’t go to the therapist with her, then she’ll just go by herself. Dr. Francis really makes you think some times. Something he said went viral. First “How do you know for a fact any information that you are defending?” and “The truth needs no defense!”  We’ve been saying for quiet some time that facts aren’t feelings. Thank you Dr. Francis.

So Martell, solicits Marsau to put together a plan to propose building on the 47 acres. What the What!? AND looks like he left Melody out the loop. Huntsville is too small to think that she wouldn’t hear about this…. and she did! BOOM!!! Let the bidding begin.