Saturday October 30, 2021

Tisk Tisk Tisk Kimmi and Maurice not on the same page again. Will it ever end? Although visibly bothered, Kimmi seems to take it in stride. The consensus is that what keeps the poor communication coming. Maybe if she dug her heels in like she does with Tisha or Wanda, he might actually take notice.

Oops, spoke too soon. Maybe he did take notice. That session with Dr. Francis, Martell & Maurice seems to have lit a light fire under Maurice, with regards to work/play 🙂 Let’s see how this rolls out!! He always acts so surprised, when it clearly has een discussed several times between Kimmi and him. Maybe it just sounds better coming from the Doctor 🙂

Stop the presses!! Say what Molly?? So Molly was the one who told the kids that Melody’s song was about Martell. Looks like an apology on a platter is coming right up for Melody. And rightfully so. Were accepting wages on

Let’s Run!!! Congratulations to Marsau and T on another successful Destiny Race. It was great to see the whole cast show up, support and run. Well some of them ran, some of them didn’t and some of them took alternate paths 🙂  Which left plenty of time for the momma’s to lock horns over their babies. Wow!!! Did y’all see those momma bears taking no prisoners. Melody and Tisha put in a ood effort to settle the storm, but that thang has been a long time brewing. Help ’em Jesus.