Saturday November 6, 2021

Hey Yall… and we’re back. The Come Back Group Rides again. Well not so much. What exactly was this meeting for anyway. To tell the truth!!! This group can’t seem to finish a complete sentence without arguing, never-the-less a whole meeting. And true to form, it appears not very much got accomplished due to Melody and Martel’s inability to co-exist. Has there been an episode yet where somebody, anybody wasn’t arguing?!

Tennis anyone? If we don’t know anything else, we have seen so far that the Scott’s have a fair share of athleticism about them. Game, set, math. What’s not adding up about this whole depression conversation? Marsau still back-peddling on the depression comment he made in Vegas. Meanwhile his family still pressing him to take a closer look or maybe not use the term so loosely. Not that one can always tell just by looking at a person, but what do y’all think? Do you think Marsau is depressed?  What say ye???

Okaaay, so a little “Throw Back Thursday” with the original ladies linking up for drinks and to check in on Mel since the fiasco at the Comeback Meeting. The best question of the episode was “what’s our role as friends in those situations?” Man, what do you do when you have friends divorcing and constantly arguing? Friends want to help provide a peaceful safe environment without adding more drama. How do you do that?

So Martel doesn’t want Melody to go to their favorite restaurant – LOL!!!???  That’s all we have to say about that.

Commercials look like we’ll get some clarity on a few things next week. Be sure to tune in.