Season 2B; Episode 212 Martelling It Like It Is

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, Feb 6, 2021

We’re going to get right to it because we have a lot of opinions on this one. Wanda and her new man vrs Marsau saying she’s still married… What say ye?

Kimmi’s refusal to move to Scott Manor (you had to see the humor in Martell calling his project Holt Manor… maybe if they work together it can be called Scholt Manor???) For real y’all. People actually want to live with their entire family everyday!?  Where they do that at?

The bigger story behind Kimmi & Maurice’s conversion is that Jaylin was working a 9-5 while still talking about his dreams to do investment properties. Maurice felt like he should volunteer to gain whatever experience he needs to move forward in this field, while not making ANY money.

Martell and these “pop-ups” gonna catch him sleeping?

Let’s talk about it ???