Season 2B; Episode 219 “Blaque in Business”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, March 27, 2021

So we start the night off with “Oranges”? Wow! Martel sounded pretty vulnerable with Dr. Frances, but “Oranges”? What did you think about his thought on starting to love those other oranges…?  The faces and the advice Dr. Frances gives will stick with you. Do you agree with him that Martell can’t beat himself up, at this point because the other woman is pregnant? Were you surprised that Martel wanted a paternity test? That clearly is the the only smart thing to do, at this point, right?
BLAQUE IS NOW OPEN!!! And we couldn’t be happier for Marsau and LaTisha and for their cigar lounge. It was, indeed, a long time coming. But Good Things Take Time. And by the looks of things, it was well worth it. The entire night was a huge success! Couple of notable items: LaTisha apologized to Mel in an effort to move their relationship forward; Jaylin had his first night on the job as General Manager; the reveal of the Bruzins wall art (Legacy) was DOPE and Mel and Martel cleared the air… maybe not so much.
Things actually got a little heated when Martel begins to take issue with Marcus’ sexuality. What we gathered is that Martel is all good with Marcus life choices and with him as a person, however, not believing it to be the “correct” lifestyle. And with that, is willing to not pass judgement but doesn’t prefer his children spend a lot of time in an environment that doesn’t teach what he believes to be correct. Is that what you got?  Because its a lot coming from someone who has stepped out on his wife. What environment is actually better for the children to flourish in? Inquiring minds want to know.
Mel and Martell are having a hard time just having a civil conversation these days. It truly hurts to watch the pains of a failing relationship. So many versions of the turn of events; so many emotions and so much collateral damage. But we try to always find the silver lining. And last night, it was that the ladies were all able to come together in a common bond to support each other and to support Melody in such a difficult time. Kudos ladies!!!