Season 2B; Episode 218 “Checked Out”

Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Sat, March 20, 2021

Let’s get this over-with quick because it’s not often that the collective finds ourselves agreeing with Marsau – lol! I can appreciate his effort to discuss with LaTisha that she also has a share of the breakdown in the communication with Melody as they work to resolve their issues.  In most life instances, it take two people to breakdown & two to repair a failed relationship.
Kimmi gets a couple surprises when she stops by to check on Melody after the ladies day-treat. Of course Mel had concerns that Kimmi didn’t interject regarding the previous conversation with LaTisha about the timing of when she thought things began to turn left for their relationship. If they’ve asked once,  they’ve asked a million times for Kimmi NOT to be in the middle… This is what that looks like ??‍♀️ Martell, having a baby?  Sounds like Mel confirmed that rumor to be true. What do you think about that?
When we gonna get to the good part? The surprise intervention didn’t go so well with Chris and Nel. Do you think that they could have made the same effort but have told them first about the plan? Respectful communication keeps a conversation moving along.