Season 2, Episode 6 It’s My Party and You’ll Cry If I Make You

On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Cake Cake Cake! Happy Birthday to 2 beautiful little ladies?

Even though some spots were a bit tense, the gangs all here! A couple of interesting things happen at the party…Martell and Marsau avoid one another – Wow!,Kimmi gets an apology from LaTisha about Wanda pressing her about her friendship with Melody and the long awaited sit-down with LaTisha and Melody. Keep hope alive!

Kimmi & Maurice continue to dialogue about her leaving her job, but it takes a spin. Kimmi’s boss declines her resignation and she doesn’t actually resign, which frustrates Maurice.

Kimmi & Jaylin have a “Come to Jesus” about jaylins plans as graduation is quickly approaching. Still in a state of uncertainty, the work to create plan to ease the matriculation into the work force.

Lastly, looks like Destiny and La’Berrick are in this thing for the long haul. Tell us what you think. Do they appear to fit in with this group?