Saturday September 25, 2021

So guys actually do talk amongst themselves just like ladies when they link up? Although they did more talking than shooting hoops, we were able to glean a few nuggets from all the experts… For instance, Mel wouldn’t have a song to write about (that makes Martell so angry) if he didn’t give her the material. And, we all agree that the children’s experience during this time is pivotal in their emotional stability.  But how about Marsau telling the guys that LaTisha has lost her confidence? AND How about Louis telling Tiffany. AND How about Tiffany telling Tisha… gheesh!

This group is quick to ruin a wet dream. As if last night wasn’t enough, 10 minutes at the pool and Mel and Martell are at it again. Maybe someone else should have taken the cue to go get Mel. Group trips will certainly have to be restructured after this trip. Or at least don’t call it a vacation.

Wilding With the Whitlows got interesting for a minute but not enough to hold the group’s attention, so they split up and the couples hit the town… separately, that is. The guys seemed to come home unscaved but, baaaabbby those ladies are not here for the games. Down deep Destiny still trying to figure Tiffany out, but took great exception to her relaying the confidence conversation she received from her husband to LaTisha in the group. No she didn’t say that she’ll drag that woman. Oh LordT!!!

There has to be a moment when Tiffany actually sees that her timing is awful and by definition, doesn’t being transparent refer more to your own transparency than others. Why is the focus so much on telling everyone else’s business in the name of transparency?