Season 3; Episode 3 “Here Comes Tea-fanny”

Saturday July 31, 2021

Sooooooo, Tisha and Mel… what are your thoughts? Are you suprised that they could move toward rekindling their friendship? And having meaningful conversation about  relationships no less. It’s good to see them working toward a better place.

Jaylin had a confessional ? Do you think its a good idea to mix family and business? It looks like Jaylin is in need of leadership. However we like to see that the lines of communication are open with Marsau and him.

We loved the scene with Melody’s mom and Martell. They had a much needed one on one to discuss their issues. Both looked pretty emotional while sharing their feelings about the unfortunate consequences of Martell’s bad decisions.

Happy Birthday Destiny! And then it goes left… talk about timing. We finally get to meet Tiffany and she’s coming in HOT ? This lady brought the tea on Destiny and Monster right to the dinner table. Melody, get your girl‼️ LordT, this is not going to end well.