Season 2, Episode 9 Boss Chick vs Wife Chick

Clearly the name of this episode is going to be “Watch Me Vote” because that is the focus. It looks like everyone gets an alliance this episode too. I’m not going to ask which one you like best (so far?)

We encourage therapy and are grateful that Mel had an opportunity to find a bit of healing with Dr. Francis and her sister.

The Comeback Group had big dreams when it comes to N. Huntsville and meeting people where they are. Often times we had lots of irons in the fire but one thing we all enjoyed was talking to people. That’s why we decided to do it all again. Getting the group together to get out the vote, was a huge success.

Much thanks to The Black Author Event hosted by “Heavenly Engagements” Donnishia Tibbs. We were able to meet multiple Black authors in our area and kick start our day.

From the Black Author Event to the streets. We hung door hangers, talked to families, registered voters and all got along. But someone is a no-show. I would like to think that some things are bigger than ourselves. Do you think Martell could have put his issue to the side to join us?

Voters registration is our utmost concern. Visit the link below to

PLAN YOUR VOTE: How to vote by mail and register to vote in each state